How do i draw a dog?

How do i draw a dog?

Get the initial drawing right. Don’t press too hard when creating your initial sketch. Start adding the tone. You can add tone across the whole portrait at once, or do it an area at a time. Get the eyes right. Move on to the ears. Build darker tones. Tackle the fur. Shade the dog’s face. Draw a wet nose.

How do you make a dog with colored pencils?

How do you make a dog on Little Alchemy 2?

dog wolf + domestication. campfire + wolf.

How do you sketch?

Know your pencils. There’s a big difference between 4B and 4H. Take control of your pencil. Tripod (top) and extended tripod (bottom) grips. Try different mark-making methods. Vary your lines. Avoid smudging. Control your edges. Use a blending stick for smooth shading. Apply the 70/30 rule.