How to get your dog to take pills?

How to get your dog to take pills?

These are a few options to try if your dog won’t take pills: Ask for a nice-tasting tablet. Hide the pill in a dog pill pocket treat. Hide the pill in food. Use a pill pusher. Use the vet technique.

How do I make my dog take a pill?

Why do dogs refuse to take pills?

Some dogs and cats refuse to be tricked by medicated food or have finicky tastes. It is common for pets to spit out pills after eating medicated food or treats or just reject it completely. Dietary restrictions may also limit the use of treats or foods.

Can you crush pills for dogs?

Don’t crush up your dog’s tablets or pills and add them to your dog’s food without asking your vet first. This is a “grrreat” way to distract your dog. Buy some pill-pocket treats from your local big-box pet store and prepare to play! Hide the pill in one of the treats and head outside.

Can I crush my dogs pills in water?

Some medications come in liquid form. However, if your dog’s medicine comes in a pill and your dog won’t take it, your pharmacist may be able to make a liquid suspension that you can give your dog instead. You may also be able to crush up a pill and mix it with about 1 fl oz (30 mL) of water.