How to introduce a puppy to a older dog?

How to introduce a puppy to a older dog?

What Can You Do To Be Successful? Prepare your house prior to the puppy’s arrival. Introduce them away from home base. Make introductions slowly. Walk the dogs together to get acquainted. Slowly integrate them together in your house. Feed them separately. Manage all interactions.

How long does it take for a dog to get used to a new puppy?

After what seems like an eternity but is really only about three weeks, you’ll begin to notice some signs of harmony between the dog and the puppy. If you have done your part helping the dog and puppy develop their communication skills, this is the beginning of a fabulous friendship—or at least a peaceful co-existence.

Will older dogs accept a new puppy?

You should expect that your older dog will not enjoy the puppy a lot from the age of 4 to 16 months. Around the 18 month mark many puppies slow down considerably and mature. Then your older dog will likely get along with the puppy much better.

How do you slowly introduce a puppy to an older dog?

Steps for Introducing a Puppy to an Older Dog Prepare your home (and your dogs). Meet on neutral territory for a brief period. Take the dogs on a walk together. Bring them together on home territory. Bring the puppy inside.

Should I let my older dog growl at my puppy?

That precious puppy has to learn boundaries and how to behave, and the older dog is the one to teach him. But more than this, it’s wrong to punish the older dog for growling, as his behavior is completely natural.

How do I stop my old dog from growling at my new dog?

6 Tips for Peace between Your Old Dog and Young One Obedience Training is Imperative. Prevent Arguments and Fusses. Exercise is Great. Teach the Younger Dog Respect. Give Each Dog some Space. Special Time with Each Dog.

Do dogs get jealous of new puppies?

Introducing a new pet may leave your dog feeling jealous. The best way to avoid jealousy in your pet is to make sure that you’re giving it enough love, exercise, attention and interaction, even if you have another pet at home.

How do you introduce a puppy to a 2 year old dog?

What to Do Instead Do allow them to get used to one another at their own pace. Do introduce them in a neutral area. Do allow them to escape to their crate if desired. Do feed them in separate areas. Do spend quality time with them separately. Do allow them to interact positively if desired.

What do you do when an older dog is scared of puppies?

Give the dogs more space.

As the scared dog gets more confident, move them closer together. In the meantime, keep them separate – yes, this means a divided house. If the scared dog seems OK with it, you might be able to walk them together or let them outdoors together. That’s a case-by-case decision.

Can my 8 week old puppy meet other dogs?

Your puppy can meet and play with other puppies the same age, as long as those other puppies are kept up to date on their vaccinations and haven’t had contact with unvaccinated dogs. It’s best to schedule play dates at your own home, or the home of the other puppy owner, and to avoid public spaces.

How can I get my dog to like my new dog?

Feed your new dog in a different room, so there’s no stress over food. Keep up your regular walking and playtime schedule, making sure both dogs get plenty of love and attention. Keep the dogs’ interactions closely supervised for the first two weeks, until both dogs are fully accustomed to each other.