How to make a rabbit cage from a dog crate?

How to make a rabbit cage from a dog crate?

Metal dog crates or kennels are excellent for rabbit cages. We recommend 48-inch or 54-inch crates. We sell 48-inch crates at our shelter. They can also be found on Amazon here.

How do you make a bunny dig box?

How do I build a digging box for my rabbit? Take a large clean cardboard box and remove any tape or staples. Fill the box with things your bunny would love like shredded paper, straw and old toilet roll tubes. Check regularly to make sure it is not being used as a litter tray. Avoid plastic packing and inky materials.

How do you make a rabbit cage?

Are C & C cages good for rabbits?

C&C cages are also great for rabbits! Find here our entire range of C&C cages for rabbits, with the option of leaving the cage open for house-trained rabbits. Each cage comes with a choice of 5 coroplast colors.

Does a rabbit cage need a lid?

You Don’t Really Need to Cover the Rabbit Cage

Lots of rabbit owners tend to do this but it isn’t an absolute necessity. There are some specific reasons why you might want to cover a rabbit cage at night but most rabbits aren’t going to need you to do this for them.

Do rabbits like hideouts?

Providing constant access to hiding places within their home allows rabbits to escape and hide (natural behaviour), helping them feel safe and reassured. They should be provided in addition to rabbits’ main shelter (e. hutch, cage, shed).